The Fall Group Schedule at Willow Wellness and Recovery

Willow Wellness and Recovery Group Therapy Program

Current Group Offerings Fall 2015 (PDF)

Groups are open to anyone actively involved in the Suboxone program.
You may drop in at any time without advanced notice.

TUESDAYS | 6-7pm | Skills Essential to Recovery with Eric Davis, LPCA

TDSC_0118his is an excellent group for both those new to recovery as well as those in later stages interested in sharing their knowledge and personal experiences. The focus of this group is building a strong foundation for health and recovery, and is often a mixture of education, support, and practical skills. It draws heavily upon concepts from Seeking Safety and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.


WEDNESDAYS | 6-7pm | Cultivating Recovery with Kim Skelton, LPC, LCAS

DSC_0049This resiliency-based group consists of education, support and positive psychology exercises aimed at building human strengths. Positive psychology views the “good life” as a combination of three things – connection to others, positive individual traits and life regulation qualities. The group covers topics such as motivation, mindfulness, relationships, creativity, well-being across the lifespan, religion and spirituality. This group is ideal for those in middle to late recovery but is open to everyone in the program.


FIRST THURSDAYS | 6-7pm | Rebuilding Bridges Multi-Family Group
1st Thursday of every month with Kim Skelton, LPC, LCAS and/or Eric Davis, LPCA

The guidiIMG_3470ng principle of this monthly group is to bring loved ones further into the patients’ recovery. This group is open to patients and supportive family members or friends. Each group will present a recovery-related topic for discussion. This group is best suited for family members ages 16 and up and is good for all stages of recovery.



10-11am | Mindful Recovery with Kim Skelton, LPC, LCAS or Eric Davis, LPCA

North Carolina Hiking - 131This group uses mindfulness to develop a recovery lifestyle. Groups are built around the Ten Doorways of Mindful Recovery from Mindful Recovery, Mindfulness and the 12-Steps, and The Mindfulness Workbook for Addiction and Refuge Recovery. Each group explores how mindfulness can be used to develop greater self- understanding and acceptance. This group is good for all stages of recovery.



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