Dr. Csapo’s Dogs, Sam and Isaa:

Sam is the eldest of Dr. Csapo’s dogs and he is also the largest of the office canines. Sam enjoys subtle grunting while humans eat nearby. He is always up for a cuddle on the couch and his presence is quite calming.

Isaa is

Kim’s Dogs, Merlin and Simon:

All About Merlin:
Breed: scruffily terrier mix
Birthday: Approximately March 31, 2008
Likes: chewies and treats, awaiting for morsels to fall as Mom is cooking, cute neckerchiefs, my turkey squeaky toy
Dislikes: car horns, strange noises, vacuum cleaners, being “dressed up”
Hobbies: napping, smelling flowers, prancing, rummaging through piles of clothing, licking the couch, walks and hikes, hanging out with my dog and people friends at Willow
How I help clients: As an ocularly-challenged pup, part of Merlin’s medicine in the world is teaching resilience and adaptation. He has learned to experience life in a new way and doesn’t let past troubles keep him down.
Nicknames: Mr. M, Merle

All About Simon:
Breed: Miniature Australian Shepherd
Birthday: October 15, 2016
Likes: soft beds, squeaky toys, learning new things, having jobs such as changing light bulbs, wiring houses and cutting the grass AT THE SAME TIME
Dislikes: being contained
Hobbies: running through the woods off leash, chasing deer and butterflies, paddling and hiking with my parents, herding small animals, collecting piles of toys
How I help clients: Simon’s sweet blue eyes, soft furry coat and floppy ears invite snuggling and love. His energetic nature encourages humans to be active and get outside! Nicknames: Simey, Tiny Turkey
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Eric’s dog, Scarlet:

All About Scarlet:
Breed: Miniature American Eskimo
Birthday: December 24, 2004
Likes: companionship, treats, car rides, working at Willow, and getting petted
Dislikes: Knocks at the door and doorbells, knocks at the door and doorbells on TV, wet grass, her kitty siblings looking interested in her food bowl, and not getting petted
Hobbies: playing with her rope toy, napping, going on hikes and adventures, and staring at you with great intensity until she gets petted
How she helps clients: As an affectionate but shy and nervous dog, she has had a long journey in learning to trust strangers and other animals despite her troubles. Scarlet’s gentle, loving nature teaches us that pain is not permanent and that there is always love in the world if we are open to it.
Nicknames: Snowball, Cottonball, my precious

Scarlet stays by Eric’s side if she can help it.

Marshall’s dog, Prior: