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Our Buprenorphine Program & Treatment Philosophy
At Willow Wellness and Recovery, we believe there are many roads to recovery. We chose our name because the willow is a majestic symbol of resilience, strength and hope. The willow is deeply-rooted, allowing it to bend during the tumult of life’s storms rather than breaking.

People need support and adequate resources to establish a sturdy foundation, grow and flourish. Our program offers recovery support for clients as they revision their lives by facing difficulties, developing healthy relationships and learning new skills.

Medication-assisted treatment is a tool to aid you in developing a better life. Our program includes individualized, comprehensive treatment utilizing a combination of psychiatry and psychotherapy.

Members of the Buprenorphine program are expected to meet with the psychiatrist monthly and attend a minimum of two groups per month for the length of time you are in the program.

While these are minimum requirements, you are invited and encouraged to attend more frequently. Additionally, we highly recommend that you seek out local recovery resources such as 12-Step meetings (NA, AA), Refuge Recovery, SMART Recovery, Women for Sobriety, etc. We also suggest seeking out other treatment modalities that may be helpful for you such as yoga, acupuncture and/or nutritional counseling, etc.

Willow Wellness and Recovery Groups

Individual counseling sessions are also available. For individual psychotherapy, Kim accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield and private pay. Please contact us for further information.

Our commitment to best practice means that Buprenorphine sublingual films are central to most treatment plans. However, Zubsolv, Bunavail or generic Buprenorphine tablets may be prescribed in cases where insurance plans cover only those medications.Due to its propensity for diversion and abuse, Subutex is RARELY prescribed (except in cases of pregnancy); such cases require patients to provide extensive medical documentation, labs, and release of information from other physicians.

Buprenorphine Program Rates
Willow Wellness and Recovery prides itself on providing individualized, comprehensive care. Unlike larger clinics, we know each of our clients by name and are able to offer a wider variety of accessible psychotherapy services. The program fee includes monthly meetings with Ilona Csapo, MD for medication management, access to a variety of therapeutic groups, in-office urine drug screens, access to HIV/Hep C testing and ongoing case management. These services involve preparation, case review, case notes and consultations with other professionals as agreed in writing by client.


A convenience fee applies with use of debt/credit card. Checks are accepted only on a trial basis for established patients. Payment is due upon first visit with physician.

Lab Services
We utilize “Point of Care” testing UDS cups in the office. The monthly fee covers the cost of in-office drug screens, creating significant savings for the patient. Confirmations are routinely requested to confirm buprenorphine and may also be requested if a patient wants to dispute an aberrant screen. If you are insured, the lab will bill your insurance for UDS confirmation. Otherwise, you are responsible for the cost of confirmations conducted by the lab. We also offer HIV, Hep C and pregnancy testing via blood draw. We have partnered with Mako Labs based in Raleigh, NC.

As we are a small, office-based recovery program focused upon a high quality of care, we are unable to accept any insurance plans or Medicaid. Most plans, however, will cover medications prescribed from this office. You may sign up for invoices to personally submit to your insurance or Medicaid plan for possible reimbursement for out-of-network benefits once you have met your deductible. Please contact your insurance carrier for information about out-of-network benefits.

Preparation for First Visit with Ilona Csapo, MD:
New patients who are not currently on buprenorphine or the to-be prescribed medication, and are using other opioids, including methadone, need to be in a mild to moderate state of withdrawal upon first appointment. Otherwise you may experience precipitated withdrawal. For most patients, this will mean a period complete abstinence from opioid use for 24-48 hours of first appointment with our doctor.

Please be aware that you must schedule 2 or more days in advance to ensure that the medication will be covered by your insurance. As you will be in mild to moderate withdrawal, you may wish to fill out New Patient Forms in advance.

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