Willow Wellness and Recovery Group Therapy

Group is open to anyone actively involved in the buprenorphine or naltrexone programs.
You may drop in at any time without advanced notice.

WEDNESDAYS | 6-7pm | Mindful Recovery with Kim Skelton, LPCS, LCAS

This resiliency-based recovery group consists of education, support and therapeutic exercises aimed at building a meaningful recovery lifestyle. This group explores concepts and ideas found in Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention, Mindful Recovery, positive psychology, DBT, and expressive arts therapies. Positive psychology views the “good life” as a combination of three things – connection to others, positive individual traits and life regulation qualities. The group covers topics such as mindfulness practice, motivation, interpersonal relationships, creativity, well-being across the lifespan, spirituality, emotional regulation and more. This group is good for all stages of recovery.

Last updated 11/6/17

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