Founded in 2013 by Ilona Csapo, MD and Kim Skelton, LCMHCS, LCAS, Willow Wellness and Recovery, PC specializes in responsive, relationship-based care for those struggling with mental health concerns, substance use disorders and/or dually-diagnosed conditions. We are proud to be an independent, woman-owned and operated practice serving Western North Carolina. 

Buprenorphine Program Update: Willow is excited to announce we are now offering Sublocade in our office. Sublocade is an injectable form of buprenorphine indicated for the treatment of opioid use disorder in those stabilized on buprenorphine and in need of longer-term support. The shot is administered monthly in our office. While most sober living houses we’ve worked with have not been open to residents taking buprenorphine for fear of diversion, many have expressed openness to the buprenorphine injection. We have decided to shift the focus of our buprenorphine program on increasing availability and accessibility to this treatment option. We are no longer accepting referrals for other forms of buprenorphine. We currently accept BCBS and are actively exploring accepting additional common commercial insurances.


Willow is made up of three distinct practices - Dr. Ilona Csapo's private psychiatry practice; Kim Skelton's private psychotherapy practice; and a small outpatient, office-based opioid treatment program. In addition, Dr. Csapo and Kim have partnered with Lisa Harkema, LCMHC and Teva Hite, LCMHC to create Widening Circles, a private mental health and substance use disorder practice focused on providing individualized, intensive treatment in an outpatient setting. Widening Circles offers an innovative, multidisciplinary team approach; our team offers comprehensive assessment and treatment tailored to the needs of each client. Feel free to contact our office for more information on the various practices at 25 Orange Street.


Practices at 25 Orange Street: group practices Willow Wellness and Recovery and Widening Circles, PC; individual private practices of all in-house treatment providers - Ilona Csapo, MD; April Easter, LCMHCS, LCAS; Kim Skelton, LCMHCS, LCAS; Lisa Harkema, LCMHC; Teva Hite, LCMHC.


We believe there are many roads to recovery. 

We chose our name because the willow is a majestic symbol of resilience, strength, and hope; deeply rooted, it bends rather than breaks during the tumult of life’s storms.


As colleagues and close friends fueled by the desire to offer quality, relationship-based care, our practice offers an innovative, mindfulness-based approach to psychiatry, psychotherapy, and medication-assisted treatment. 

In 2017, Dr. Csapo purchased the beautiful home where we practice. At that time, we created Widening Circles.with like-minded colleagues to offer highly- individualized intensive treatment in an outpatient setting. 

If you'd like to know more or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 828-772-6715. 


-Dr. Csapo and Kim (and all the pups)


“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.” - Bruce Lee



Monday - Friday  |  10AM - 5PM
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The office is located near downtown Asheville, right off Merrimon Avenue behind Staples. There is free street parking as well as a paid lot across from the office.